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Quick Reference Sheet for Card Reconciliation

Reconciliation by Approving Official
  1. Log on to PaymenNet
  2. Choose Transactions – Query form the navigation tabs
  3. Choose “Post Date”, “Cycle Is”, “Billing Cycle”, choose appropriate month
    • Criteria – choose “delete” to see all cardholders
    • Or Select Cardholder Last Name if looking for specific Cardholder
  4. Click Process
  5. Review transactions
  6. Change MoCode and PS Account charged (when appropriate)
  7. Add Comments or Transaction Notes
  8. Check “Reviewed” box on each individual transaction
  9. Choose Reports - Create from the navigation tabs
  10. From the Report Type select “Transaction” or “Custom”
  11. Choose report: Statement of Account (PeopleSoft)
  12. At Report Criteria For Statement of Account use: “Post Date”, “Cycle is”, “Billing Cycle” choose “Appropriate Month”
  13. Click Process Report
  14. Screen refreshes to “Available Downloads”
  15. Click the Refresh Button or wait until Report says “Successful”
  16. Click on name of report to view on line
  17. Print Statement of Account (PeopleSoft) and give to Cardholder(s)
  18. Cardholder:

    • Verifies transaction
    • Attaches receipt(s)
    • Signs report
    • Notifies Approving Official of any known problems
    • Returns report to Editor or Approving Official
  19. Editor signs on Edited by signature line & prints name and date
  20. Approving Official signs on the Approving Official line and prints name and date
  21. Fax (573-884-1293) or Email Signed Statement of Account (PeopleSoft) to UM Procurement Imaging by the 10th of the month.
  22. File copy of signed Statement of Account with receipts, and retain in department.


Reconciliation by Cardholder

  1. Log onto PaymentNet
  2. Go to Transactions - Query from the navigation tab
  3. Choose “Post Date”, “Cycle is”, “Billing Cycle”, choose appropriate month
    • Criteria choose “delete”
  4. Click Process
  5. Review transactions
  6. Cardholder, Editor or Approving Official may change MoCode or PS Account charged per transaction.
  7. Add comments or transaction notes
  8. Check “Reviewed” box on each individual transaction.

Reviewed 2014-10-15.

Finance Support Center
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  • Finance Support email
  • MU Health Care:
  • Missouri S&T Campus:
    341-4266 or 877-752-1117 (after hrs)
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  • Finance Support Center may be unavailable Mondays from 2:30-3:30pm for staff meeting.