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Show-Me Shop offers a Number of Benefits at Many Stages of the Procurement Process:

Benefits for Requesters:

  • One-stop "shopping experience" with the ability to order from multiple suppliers without leaving the office.
  • No need to remember multiple web sites or to set up individual accounts/profiles with each vendor.
  • Vendors included in Show Me Shop are all contracted vendors.
  • Complete on-line hosted catalogs are accessible with pre-negotiated discounted prices.
  • Comparison feature is available for hosted vendors.
  • Users don't need to manage credit card receipts for orders.
  • No dollar limitation on orders since all items have already been bid.
  • Vendors receive orders electronically the same day they are placed resulting in a quicker turn around time for the order.
  • E-mail notification of order fulfillment status (in stock, delivered, backordered, etc.)
  • Desktop delivery for Show Me Shop orders.

Benefits for Department Administration:

  • Greater executive visibility into spend.
  • E-mail approval notifications sent with links to approval page.
  • No receiving required for Show Me Shop contract orders.
  • No monthly reconciliation of receipts.
  • No paper invoices to process.
  • Reduced credit card exposure.
  • Up-front cost savings for department since vendors are offering additional discounts to be a part of the Show Me Shop.

Benefits for Procurement:

  • Centralized influence of purchasing process, with decentralized execution.
  • Better contract compliance, which results in additional cost savings and advantages to future contract negotiations.
  • Better communication with suppliers. Vendors that are part of the Show Me Shop assign teams that are dedicated to working with the University of Missouri.
  • University-wide cost savings and added efficiencies.


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Reviewed 2019-08-05