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eProcurement Training for Health

Obtaining eProcurement Access as a hospital user

PeopleSoft Requester access is granted following the submission of a signed eProcurement Security Form and training. The form may be submitted before or after training.  Once trained and the form is submitted to the Security office, turnaround may take up to ten (10) business days for processing.  New Requesters will be notified directly by email when access is complete.

PeopleSoft Approver access is requested by email as indicated below.


University of Missouri Healthcare System

Requester Access

eProcurement Security Form
(HOSPT & Clinic Specific)

Approver Access

Contact Val-Rae Solomon via email

Submit Form to Trainer

Tim Robertson, 573-884-6831


Ship To Codes - Current directory of Active Ship To Codes.

Training Materials

Procurement provides a variety of training methods and tools for the eProcurement process. These various offerings are available to meet the varied needs, interests, and learning preferences of potential users.

On-Line Tutorials – Available 24/7, these tutorials will walk you through steps of each process. We recommend the “Try It” option which provides step by step instructions as you navigate through the process. You may drill through the entire eProcurement process, or view only the topics needed for review and understanding. You will be prompted for your SSO ID/Password for access to view the tutorials and manuals.

Instructor-Led (ILT) Classes – These are one to two hour long hands-on training sessions led by an instructor.

Written Materials – These are available for each role and can provide additional assistance once you’ve been through the tutorials or attended an instructor-led class. Available are Training Manuals (with complete details and screenshots) as well as Quick Reference Guides (simple list of steps).



Requestor Training

Instructor-Led Training is required.

Other tools may be utilized once ILT has been completed

Approver Training

Tutorial-based only.

Training Registration

Contact Trainer for one-on-one appointment.

Training Materials

Click for MUHC Materials

Trainer Info

Tim Robertson, 573-884-6831


PeopleSoft Chartfield String Information - Includes a MoCode guide and comprehensive list of PS Accounts

FSTRN Database - For  Instructor-Led Classes ONLY


Training Contact: Tim Robertson, 573-884-6831 


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Reviewed 2017-01-19.

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