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HR-112 Transfers between Benefit-Eligible Positions


Employees may transfer to a different department or position when in the best interest of the University and when all required qualifications are met. Internal candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with University policies and procedures.

This policy addresses transfers between benefit-eligible positions, including administrative, service, and support positions and academic positions.

If any part of this policy does not reflect the Collected Rules and Regulations (CRR), the provisions of the CRR will govern.

HR Policy Provisions

  1. Transfer Requirements
    1. Employees may submit their application materials through the standard application process for the position in which they are interested.
    2. Employees who transfer to a position in another department must serve a qualifying period in the new position, pursuant to HR-109.
    3. Employees transferring before successfully completing their probationary period may have their probationary period extended as outlined in HR-109 and must concurrently complete the qualifying period in the new position.
    4. The hiring supervisor should contact the employee’s current supervisor before an offer is made and, if applicable, contact human resources to discuss how the employee’s probationary and qualifying period is affected.
  2. Paid Time Off – The following is in alignment with policies HR-211, HR-402 through HR-404, HR-415, HR-421, and CRR 340.070.
    1. Transfers between Administrative, Service, and Support positions
      1. Payment of unused compensatory time off balances will be calculated after the employee’s effective date of transfer. The balance will be paid lump-sum from the former department on the next regular paycheck, at the employee’s rate of pay prior to transferring.
      2. The following unused leave balances become the responsibility of the department to which the employee is transferring:

        1. Paid Time Off (PTO)
        2. Sick Leave
        3. Vacation
        4. Personal Days
      3. Unused Winter Break Leave balance is transferred with an employee transferring from one department or campus to another or is forfeited upon transfer if the new unit/position is ineligible for Winter Break Leave.
    2. Transfers from Administrative, Service, and Support to Academic positions
      1. The following unused balances will be paid lump-sum from the former department on the next regular paycheck when transferring to a position that is ineligible for such leaves:

        1. Up to 80 hours PTO with the remaining balance forfeited
        2. All unused Vacation
        3. All unused Comp Time
      2. Unused Sick Leave balances will be frozen, recorded, and credited in calculating applicable retirement benefits in accordance with applicable plan provisions.
      3. Any unused Personal Days and Winter Break Leave balances are forfeited.
    3. Transfers from Academic to Administrative, Service, and Support positions
      1. Any unused academic annual leave is forfeited upon transfer to a position eligible for accrued leave.
      2. PTO accruals will begin in accordance with HR-421.
      3. If applicable, previously frozen sick leave will become available for use.
  3. Benefits – Employees’ benefit program participation (medical, dental, life, vision, etc.) and retirement programs continue whether in an Academic or Administrative, Service & Support position.
  4. Seniority
    1. A transfer does not impact an employee’s University seniority; however, department seniority is calculated based on the employee’s service in the new department. Once an employee transfers out of a department, departmental seniority is lost unless the employee transfers back prior to the expiration of the qualifying period. See HR-117 for more details.
    2. For Service and Maintenance employees subject to a union agreement, see Understanding of Policies.
  5. Procedures
    1. Standard hiring processes occur when transferring from one benefit-eligible position to another.
    2. A personnel action form (ePAF) must be processed before the effective date of transfer by the hiring department.
    3. The former department is responsible for initiating the necessary actions to ensure that all University security access, property, and equipment no longer needed upon transfer are removed/returned on or before the last day in the former position.

See Also

HR-109 Probationary and Qualifying Periods
HR-211 Overtime and Comp Time
HR-402 Vacation
HR-403 Personal Days
HR-404 Sick Leave
HR-415 Winter Break Leave
HR-421 Paid Time Off (PTO)

CRR 340.070 Faculty Leave
Collection of Policies for Service and Maintenance Employees

Date Created: 9/26/97; 01/01/2024 (combine HR-112 & HR-113)
Updated: 7/1/2000 (HR-113); 9/1/2004 (HR-112); Posted 12/23/2023 with an effective date 01/01/2024

Reviewed 2023-12-22