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Income & Employment Verifications

The University of Missouri Introduces a New and Secure Employment and Income Verification Service

The University of Missouri has contracted withan outside vendor, The Work Number™, to provide a new,secure, convenient and accurate employment and income verification service for our employees. The Work Number™ is the largest provider of automated employment and income verifications in the United States.   

The Work Number™ verifies your information when you:

  • apply for a mortgage, lease or personal credit account
  • allow a potential employer to conduct a pre-employment screening
  • contract with a potential landlord

In the past, banks, other lenders, landlords, etc. would contact the university’s Human Resources Department.  The Work Number™ replaces those time-consuming phone calls to HR, reducing the risk of human error while providing more timely verifications.

The Work Number™ is accessible by phone or Internet to provide on-demand employment and income verifications for current and former University of Missouri employees. The Work Number™ verifies only employment and income information; it does not provide other personal information. 
You control who can verify your employment and income history by providing your Social Security Number and a salary key. To enable employment history verification, provide your SSN to the verifier. If the verifier needs to confirm your income information, you can obtain a salary key by logging into The Work Number™ Web site.  The salary key will grant the verifier a single request to view your income information.  The salary key is unique for each request, thus making it very secure.  
Current employees may access The Work Number™ through myHR Self Service.  Verify Income & Employment is available under the heading Personal Information.  Former employees with termination dates AFTER June 19th, 2005 should go directly to The Work Number™ Web site. Former employees with termination dates BEFORE June 19th, 2005 should contact the campus Human Resource Department.

Reviewed 2017-01-25.