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One Card Program

One Card Program

The Commercial Card Redesign Project is an administrative streamlining endeavor that encompasses several phases and smaller projects.  The first two phases in the redesign effort; moving Fleet cards to the WEX program and migrating from separate travel and purchasing cards to an integrated One Card program have been completed.  The final step in the project moves the reconciliation process from the JPMorgan (JPM) PaymentNet product to the Travel & Expenses (T&E) module in PeopleSoft Finance. Moving the process to T&E will meet objectives to utilize existing electronic workflow approvals and allow attachments to be scanned and linked to the transaction.

Key Benefits of Moving the Reconciliation Process to Peoplesoft Finance

  • Replacing a manual paper process
  • Electronic Workflow Approval consistent with other business processes (Accounts Payable, Requisitions, T&E)
  • Receipts stored electronically with the transaction in PeopleSoft
  • Chartfield validation at data entry
  • Ability to track approvals and processing of One Card transactions

One Card Communications

One Card communication is being provided in several formats, such as; mass and targeted email to Faculty and Staff. As communication plans develop additional information will be provided.

Design Team Members

A group of individuals called the Design team, were identified in January 2017 to assist in the business process redesign and deployment of the new One Card Reconciliation process. The Design team is comprised of individuals from each campus representing areas in Finance ranging from end users to division fiscal officers. The list of team member’s responsibilities and campus representatives can be found here.

Timeline and Milestones

The first two phases of the project were completed by the end of February, 2017.
The transition from PaymentNet to T&E will occur at the end of October, 2017, coinciding with the close of the October billing cycle. Details surrounding those objectives are listed here.


One Card Policies & Procedures

University Policies & Procedures Related to Travel

Frequently Asked Questions


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