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Supervisor Resources

Below are some ideas on using myLearn as a supervisor:
  • Ask your staff to develop a training plan that includes myLearn courses and insert the plan into their performance goals to track progress
  • Use a one-hour course (or part of a course) at a staff meeting or retreat
  • Print and discuss Skillbriefs at any office event
  • Consider what myLearn content or courses could help move the team forward on a new project
  • Encourage staff to use Books 24/7 for just-in-time training. Plus, reduce your cost of purchasing books
How to support your employee to get the most from myLearn:
  • Help them select courses and books that fit their development plan
  • Provide 'learning minutes' per week/month
  • Encourage employee to schedule 'learning appointments' for 15 minutes to an hour and to keep them as they would other appointments
  • Protect learning time
  • Follow-up with your employee and talk about how they use their learning
  • Recognize your employee when they complete a course
  • Take a course yourself
Benefits for department
  • Productivity gains
  • Staff development made easier
  • Increase in employee retention
  • Train more employees for less dollars
  • Relevant courses and just-in-time learning
  • Improve team morale

Reviewed 2019-08-05