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Retiree Insurance Premium Estimator

This three-step estimator** is available to help employees plan for retirement by estimating their 2024 retiree insurance premiums. Please note that rates are not adjusted for inflation or potential future benefit/premium changes. The tool will estimate the employee share of the premium along with the UM subsidy contribution. This estimator is not applicable for federal or civil service retirees; if you fall in one of these categories, contact the UM System HR Service Center at 573-882-2146 or to request an estimate.

View the 2023 rates

Before you estimate your retiree premiums, you will need to do the following:

Step 1 of 3

Visit myHR to view your current insurance enrollment -

Click on the “My Benefits” icon or navigate to “ My Benefits Summary” in the menu on the right hand side of the screen, then select “Benefits Summary”.

myhr screenshot
Step 2 of 3

The plans you are enrolled in at the time of retirement are the plans you may continue, with the exception of Long Term Disability and the Voluntary Retirement Plans (403(b), 403(b) Roth, 457(b), Supplemental Retirement Plan).

Review your current plan enrollments to determine which insurance benefits you may continue at the time of retirement.

Step 3 of 3

Estimate your retiree insurance premiums. Your estimated premiums will appear at the bottom of this webpage.

This tool provides you with the opportunity to estimate different enrollment scenarios to determine which benefits you would like to continue upon retirement.

Note**: I was not employed on 12/31/17 or had a break in service after 12/31/17.

Important things to know:

  • UM retiree health insurance eligibility and subsidy criteria depends on several factors. Visit the Retiree Benefits Overview webpage to learn more.
  • Generally speaking, the plans (i.e. medical, dental, vision, etc.) you are enrolled in at the time of retirement are the plans you may continue (with the exception of Long Term Disability).
  • For more information about retiree insurance and the retirement process, watch our on-demand online seminars.
  • Split Contract– eligible retirees and/or their covered dependents may be considered a “split contract” if some members are Medicare-eligible and some are non-Medicare-eligible.  In these cases, the non-Medicare-eligible members may elect coverage in one of the UM non-Medicare plans (Retiree Health PPO or Healthy Savings Plan) and the Medicare-eligible member(s) may elect coverage in one of the Medicare Advantage plans (Base Plan or Enhanced Plan).
  • All Medicare-eligible members must be enrolled in the same plan and all non-Medicare-eligible members must be enrolled in the same plan.
  • At this time the calculator only provides base dental premiums. If you would like an estimated cost of the buy-up dental plan, please contact the HR Service Center at 573-882-2146.


* Indicates a required field. Fields shaded gray indicate that it is not an input field; the Estimator will generate the value based on your other inputs.

For best results when viewing from a mobile browser, please have the rates sent via email (or view in a full-sized browser).

Plan Coverage Tier Level Medicare Option Non-Medicare Option Employee Monthly Cost ($) Employer Monthly Contribution ($) Total ($)
Dental - Base
Dental - Buyup

**The Retiree Insurance Premium Estimator is an estimate only and not a tool for final calculations. Each estimate provided via the Estimator is based on the information and assumptions you provide. Also, insurance premiums provided are based on 2024’s premium rates and are not adjusted for inflation or potential future benefit or premium adjustment.

Your actual insurance premiums will be calculated by the UM Office of Human Resources upon your retirement and will depend on several factors, including your age, service credit, and the plan provisions in effect at the time you retire. The Plan document will govern in the event of any discrepancy. The Employer reserves the right to terminate, suspend, discontinue or amend the Plan at any time and for any reason.