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Culture of Health

The UM System cares about the personal health and well-being of every faculty, staff member, and retiree. Since 2012, the university has promoted a formal Culture of Health program to advocate for creating work environments that preserve the health of employees and promote their ability to excel at their jobs while honoring the importance of family and community. The Culture of Health advances five priorities: 

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Get ideas for ways to make each Culture of Health priority area a part of your healthy lifestyle

What can I do?

You are an important part of the UM System Culture of Health. Every one of us is. Enhance your own health and the health of your work environment; visit the easy action steps webpage for help in getting started.

Who leads the Culture of Health?

The Culture of Health Council offers recommendations for systemwide and campus-specific programs, resources, and improvements. That said, there is no one leader of the Culture of Health. Each one of use leads by example by being active, eating well … by pursuing every one of the Culture of Health priorities.

Reviewed April 14, 2016.