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Compensation resources for HR offices

Compensation Resources for HR Offices
Human Resources professionals support the compensation decisions and goals of managers and employees alike. HR experts can access tools for...
  • Job Code Detail
  • Job description templates:
  • Position Classification Questionnaire (PDF, 793KB) – Propose a reclassification of an employee’s current job.
  • Job Audit Questionnaire (PDF, 338KB) – Another job evaluation tool that is designed to collect detailed information about the duties and responsibilities of the job as it currently exists from the job incumbent’s point of view. The collected job data will be used to help develop or revise job descriptions and evaluate the job for appropriate classification.
  • IT Career Path Structure (PDF, 2.9MB) – Career titles and paths for IT professionals working for the University of Missouri System
  • Talent|REWARD – Resources from TowersWatson for their software programs such as the global grading system that is used for non-union, non-academic positions throughout the UM System.
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Reviewed 2019-09-16