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Disability and life insurance

As part of the total rewards package for eligible faculty and staff, the UM System provides several options for disability and life insurance. (Some life insurance options are also available to retirees.) Our goal is to help give you peace of mind. We want you to be your best, so you can do your best for the university and for your own professional life. In fact, the basic disability and life plans are 100% university-paid—available at no cost to you. Even employee-paid options are offered at a reduced cost, because the university is able to negotiate a lower group rate.

Visit our plan contacts page.

Looking for plan providers or health care providers?
Visit our plan contacts page for more information.

Go to the life insurance webpage to learn about:

  • Basic life, Plan A – 100% university-paid
  • Basic life, Plan B
  • Additional life
  • Dependent life (spouse, sponsored adult dependent, and/or child)

Go to the long-term disability insurance webpage to learn about:

  • Core Plan – 100% university-paid
  • Buy-up Plan
  • Supplemental individual disability insurance

Go to the accidental death and dismemberment webpage to learn about:

  • Coverage available in increments of $25,000
  • Starting at $25,000 and increasing up to $150,000

Reviewed 2020-09-14