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Vision insurance


The University of Missouri System vision plan is available to all benefit-eligible faculty, staff, and retirees. Vision insurance is administered by EyeMed Vision Care (EyeMed) and utilizes the Insight network.


Even if you're not enrolled in the vision plan, there are still discount options available to you. Learn more on the vision discounts page.

Visit our plan contacts page.

Looking for plan providers or health care providers?
Visit our plan contacts page for more information.


Monthly employee premium cost for active employees and retirees:

  • Self only: $5.59
  • Self and spouse: $11.15
  • Self and child(ren): $12.17
  • Self, spouse and child(ren): $19.26

While the University negotiates a discounted group rate, this plan is 100% employee paid.

Set premiums for retiree vision insurance are available here, however, retiree premiums may not be available for other plans because they vary according to a formula based on years of service and other factors. For an idea of what premiums would be for your particular circumstances, use the Retiree Insurance Premiums Estimator.

Expenses covered

  • Eye exam
    • In-network: $10 copay/visit
    • Out-of-network reimbursement (up to): $45
  • Frames (any available frame at provider location)
    • In-network: $0 copay; $140 allowance (20% off balance over $140)
    • Out-of-network reimbursement (up to): $47
  • Contact lens fitting and follow-up
    • Standard: Up to $40 maximum
    • Premium: 10% off retail
  • Contacts (includes materials only)
    • In-network:
      • Conventional: $0 copay; $140 allowance (15% off balance over $140)
      • Disposable: $0 copay; $140 allowance (plus balance over $140)
      • Medically necessary: $0 copay (paid-in-full)
    • Out-of-network reimbursement (up to):
      • Conventional: $130
      • Disposable: $130
      • Medically necessary: $210
  • Standard plastic lenses
    • In-network:
      • Single vision, bifocal, trifocal, lenticular: $25 copay
      • Standard progressive: $80 copay
      • Premium progressive tiers 1–3: $100 copay; $110 copay; $125 copay
      • Premium progressive tier 4: $80 copay; 20% off retail less $120 allowance
    • Out-of-network reimbursement (up to):
      • Single vision; bifocal; trifocal; lenticular: $45; $65; $85; $125
      • Standard progressive: $65
      • Premium progressive tiers 1–3: $65
      • Premium progressive tier 4: $65
  • Covered lens (standard polycarbonate for under age 19)
    • In-network: $0 copay
    • Out-of-network reimbursement (up to):$5

Annual deductible

The vision plan does not have a deductible.

Network providers

Go to the plan contacts webpage to find the provider directory for this plan.

* In the event of a difference between this webpage and the plan document or summary plan description, the plan document and plan description prevail.

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Reviewed 2020-10-05