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Vision insurance

The University of Missouri System vision plan is available to all benefit-eligible faculty, staff, and retirees.The Vision Plan is administered by VSP and utilizes the VSP Choice network. The plan provides a discounted group rate; that discounted group rate is available at all locations where the insurance is accepted.

Even if you're not enrolled in the vision plan, there are still discount options available to you. Learn more on the vision discounts and  health and wellness tools and discounts webpages.

  2024 Vision Plan  


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Benefit-eligible faculty and staff may enroll and may cover elgible dependents. 

Coverage for dependents

Dependents may include:

  • Spouse or Sponsored Adult Dependent of an employee
  • A child of an employee who is younger than 26 years of age
  • A child of an employee over the age of 26 who is mentally or physically incapable of self-sustaining employment and meets other plan requirements
  • Child for whom health care coverage is required through a Qualified Medical Child Support Order or other court/administrative order.

You should ensure you understand the details of your status by accessing the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the insurance plan and reading the full definition.


💲 Premiums

Monthly employee premium cost* for active employees and retirees:

  • Self only: $5.06
  • Self and spouse: $10.08
  • Self and child(ren): $11.00
  • Self, spouse and child(ren): $17.41

While the University negotiates a discounted group rate, this plan is 100% employee paid.

Set premiums for retiree vision insurance are available here, however, retiree premiums may not be available for other plans because they vary according to a formula based on years of service and other factors. For more information about retiree insurance eligibility and premiums, visit the Retiree benefits overview webpage.

*Premiums for faculty on a nine-month contract paid over nine months are different. For more information, visit the Premiums for 9-month faculty paid over 9 months webpage.


🩺 Covered Services

WellVision Eye exam
  • In-network: $10 copay/visit
  • Out-of-network: Reimbursement up to $45
Essential medical eye care
  • In-network: 
    • $0 copay per retinal screening for members with diabetes
    • $20 copay per exam for additional exams and services beyond routine care to treat immediate issues (e.g., pink eye; sudden changes in vision) or monitor ongoing conditions (e.g., dry eye, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma)
      • Coordination with your medical coverage may apply. Ask your eye doctor for details.

Prescription Glasses
  • In-network: $25 copay, covers frames and lenses.

(any available frame at provider location)

  • In-network: 
    • $140 frame allowance; $190 featured frame brands allowance
    • 20% savings on the amount over your allowance
  • Out-of-network: Reimbursement up to $47
  • In-network: Covered without additional copay;
    • Single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal lenses
    • Linticular lenses
    • Polycarbonate lenses- Children
    • Standard progressive lenses
    • Tint (Pink I and II)
  • Out-of-network: Reimbursement up to:
    • Single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal lenses: up to $45; $65; $85
    • Lenticular lenses: up to $125
    • Progressive lenses: up to $65

For additional lens options, and costs, see the Member Benefits Summary listed below under "Forms and Guides."

Contact lens fitting and follow-up
  • In-network: Up to $40 maximum copay

(includes materials only)

  • In-network: $140 allowance for contacts; copay does not apply
    • Contact lenses (conventional and disposable): $140 allowance, copay does not apply
    • Necessary contact lenses: $25 copay, paid in full after copay 
  • Out-of-network: reimbursement (up to):
    • Contact lenses (conventional and disposable): up to $125
    • Necessary contact lenses: up to $210


With VSP LightCare, you can use your frame and lens benefit to get non-prescription eyewear from your VSP network doctor.

  • In-network:
    • $140 allowance for ready-made non-prescription sunglasses, or ready-made non-prescription blue light filtering glasses, instead of prescription glasses or contacts
    • $25 copay

➖ Deductible

The vision plan does not have a deductible.



  • WellVision exam: Every calendar year
  • Essential Medical Eye Care: Available as needed
  • Lenses (in lieu of contact lenses):  Every calendar year
  • Contact lenses (in lieu of lenses):  Every calendar year
  • Frames:  Every other calendar year
  • LightCare: Every other calendar year

For a printable version, download the Plan Information and Comparison handout (375KB, PDF), which features a comparison chart and premium rates for the available insurance plans.

Making the Most of Your Plan

Click on a header to expand the selection and uncover additional information.

🏥 Network Providers

Vision insurance through VSP utilizes the VSP Choice network. The plan provides a discounted group rate; that discounted group rate is available at all locations where VSP is accepted.

Provider directories may be accessed on the plan contacts webpage.

Mason Eye

Mason Eye is contracted with VSP to be a group authorized provider (GAP) for University of Missouri members. Your VSP benefits will reflect in-network coverage at this provider, with some limitations. View the Mason Eye GAP flyer (PDF, 663KB) to learn more.


💳 ID Cards

Insurance ID cards are not issued for the vision plan and are not required at time of service. At your appointment, let your in-network provider know that you have coverage through VSP to utilize your benefits.

A VSP provider can look up member benefits using the last four digits of your social security number or your unique VSP ID number. If you need your unique VSP ID number, please contact the HR Service Center.


👓 Eyeconic® is the VSP online eyewear store where you can conveniently browse and purchase prescription and non-prescription eyewear and choose from popular brands of contacts at competitive prices. You can connect to your VSP insurance benefits, upload your prescription at checkout and purchase prescription eyewear or contact lenses after your WellVision Exam.


🦻 Hearing Support

VSP members, dependents, and even extended family members have access to hearing care discounts through TruHearing. TruHearing makes hearing aids affordable by providing exclusive savings to all VSP Vision Care members. Visit the TruHearing webpage to learn more.


🏷 Discounts

Routine retinal screening
  • No more than a $39 copay on routine retinal screening as an enhancement to a WellVision exam.
Laser vision correction
  • Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price; discounts only available from contracted facilities
VSP Vision Savings Pass

VSP also offers discounts to university employees not enrolled in vision insurance. Visit the health and wellness tools and discounts webpage to maximize your convenience and savings.


* In the event of a difference between this webpage and the plan document or summary plan description, the plan document and plan description prevail.

Many documents on this webpage require Adobe Acrobat. A free reader is available to everyone. Read more about PDFs.

Reviewed 2024-04-10


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