Dental insurance

The University of Missouri System’s Dental Plan is available to all benefit-eligible faculty, staff, and retirees.

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Dental Plan- Monthly premiums for active employees, 2019*

Coverage levelEmployee cost UM costTotal
Self only$14.76$14.76$29.52
Self and spouse$29.52$29.52$59.04
Self and child(ren)$35.82$35.82$71.64
Self, spouse, and child(ren)$50.58$50.58$101.16

* Premiums for retirees vary according to a formula based on years of service and other factors. For an idea of what premiums would be for your particular circumstances, use the Retiree Insurance Premiums Estimator.


Dental Plan- Annual deductible, 2019

Coverage levelAmount

The dental plan utilizes a passive network. You may receive services from network providers or non-network providers. Therefore, there is no difference in the annual deductibles for in-network and out-of-network services.

Expenses covered

Dental Plan- Services and coverage, 2019

Class A services- Preventive care for routine oral exams, cleaning, x-rays, sealants, and flouride


(no deductible)

Class B services- Basic care for treatments such as fillings, oral surgery, and extractions80% after annual deductible
Class C services- Major treatment such as bridgework, dentures, and crowns50% after annual deductible

The services in this table describe eligible dental expenses; orthodontics are not an eligible expense. Reimbursements are limited to fees determined to be reasonable and customary.

Maximum benefit

Each individual covered under your plan may receive a maximum of $1,500 per calendar year for preventive, basic, and major dental care combined.

Network providers

The university dental plan utilizes a passive network, which means you have the ability to receive services from network or non-network providers. No matter your provider, your deductible and coinsurance remain the same, as long as charges are reasonable and customary. However, Delta Dental’s in-network providers have agreed to charge negotiated rates for specific services, so using either of Delta Dental’s two networks, PPO or Premier, may help you achieve more affordable services. Of the two networks, the Delta Dental PPO Network offers the lowest negotiated services, often resulting in the greatest savings.

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Forms and guides

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Reviewed August 19, 2019.