Compensation resources for managers

Compensation is a management tool that you can use to recruit, reward, and retain talent and hard work. Managers use compensation for…
  • Faculty Salary Comparator Data – Data on salaries for UM faculty, with comparison data for peer institutions.
  • Total Compensation Calculator - A decision-making tool to help employees considering a career with the university understand what their total compensation is worth.
  • Information on Leave - Details on the different types of leave employees can accrue or utilize.
  • Leadership Administration Guidelines (PDF, 187KB) – For managers of non-union, non-academic employees under the global grading system, this guide helps you understand the process you and your fellow supervisors go through to provide equitable employee assessments.
  • Non-academic staff compensation and administration program (PDF, 614KB) - For managers of non-union, non-academic employees under the global grading system, this presentation explains the salary and job structures that are the foundation for your employees’ career progression.
  • IT career path (PDF, 2.9MB) – Use this document to help explain career titles and paths for IT professionals.
  • Pay matrices – Salary ranges for each pay grade associated with your employees’ titles, and calibrated with the market.
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  • Annual review - Managers play a critical role in employee success and advancement. A key responsibility of every manager is to have thoughtful discussions about your employees' performance-most importantly, you should conduct a formal review process annually. These performance appraisal resources can help:
  • Job Code Detail - Understand the minimum qualifications and essential functions for jobs that you supervise.
  • Merit handbook – For employees/managers in the immediate UM System offices – Links pay to merit. Recommend annual merit increases based on performance and where your employees fall within their ranges.
  • Position Classification Questionnaire (PDF, 793KB) – Propose a reclassification of an employee’s current job.
  • Job Audit Questionnaire (PDF, 338KB) – Another job evaluation tool that is designed to collect detailed information about the duties and responsibilities of the job as it currently exists from the job incumbent’s point of view. The collected job data will be used to help develop or revise job descriptions and evaluate the job for appropriate classification.
  • Service awards – Honor your employees for their long-time contributions.

Reviewed April 26, 2016.