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Compensation resources for managers

Compensation Resources for Managers
Compensation is a management tool that you can use to recruit, reward, and retain talent and hard work. Managers use compensation for…
  • Faculty Salary Comparator Data – Data on salaries for UM faculty, with comparison data for peer institutions.
  • Compensation Hiring Guide for Managers (PDF, 523KB) - Practical tools and basic information for making effective pay decisions.
  • Leadership Administration Guidelines (PDF, 187KB) – For managers of non-union, non-academic employees under the global grading system, this guide helps you understand the process you and your fellow supervisors go through to provide equitable employee assessments.
  • Information on Leave - Details on the different types of leave employees can accrue or utilize.
  • Non-academic staff compensation and administration program (PDF, 614KB) - For managers of non-union, non-academic employees under the global grading system, this presentation explains the salary and job structures that are the foundation for your employees’ career progression.
  • IT career path (PDF, 2.9MB) – Use this document to help explain career titles and paths for IT professionals.
  • Pay matrices – Salary ranges for each pay grade associated with your employees’ titles, and calibrated with the market.
  • Performance check-ins - To encourage continuous growth, the university has implemented a review process that includes three Performance Check-Ins per year. Each check-in provides employees and managers a chance to discuss recent efforts, goals and opportunities for growth. Employees and managers share mutual feedback and plan for the months ahead.
    • ePerformance - A tool used by many units throughout the UM System to track performance all year and to assist with annual reviews. Access unit-specific ePerformance websites from this page.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) - Federal law that defines which employees are eligible for overtime pay or compensatory leave (non-exempt employees) and which are not (exempt employees).
  • Job Code Detail - Understand the minimum qualifications and essential functions for jobs that you supervise.

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