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If I am signed up for paperless communications about my medical insurance, can I still get a physical copy of my ID card?

Yes, you can request a physical medical/prescription ID card from UnitedHealthcare on or you can call a UHC advocate to request one. Your paperless preferences can remain unchanged when requesting a one-time mailing of your ID card.

Requesting a card through

  1. Log in using HealthSafe ID® credentials (existing login and password for® or the UnitedHealthcare® app).
    • If you do not have a HealthSafe ID®, follow the instructions to register.
  2. Click “View ID Card”
  3. Select “Mail ID Card”
  4. Click on “Mail Card”

Note: The app may not yet have the feature to request a one-time ID card (feature release slated for Q1 2024).

Requesting a card by calling an advocate

Call the university's dedicated customer service advocate team with UnitedHealthcare at (844) 634-1237 to request a physical ID card.

Reviewed 2023-11-15