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Under the Affordable Care Act (PPACA), who's required to track hours, and where do they track time?

Variable hour non‐exempt employees already track worked hours and will continue to do so.

Variable hour non‐teaching exempt employees (both staff and academics that are not fully benefit eligible) should record actual worked hours using a non‐pay time reporting code in the time reporting system. Partial hours should be rounded to the nearest half hour (i.e., 15 minutes or over round up to the next half hour and under 15 minutes round down to the previous half hour).

Variable hour teaching academic appointments quantify time worked using an equivalency of 3 1/3 hours worked for each credit hour taught. This methodology is used to determine their full-time equivalent (FTE). No action is required on the part of the individual. The FTE is entered by the department. This methodology should be applied regardless of the time period of which the class is taught (i.e., 8 weeks versus 16 weeks).

Visit the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) page for more information.

Reviewed 2018-12-06