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Why do I need to provide my MBI/Medicare Claim Number and street address when I enroll?

This is a critical step in continuing your university retiree medical coverage. If you have already provided your Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)/Medicare Claim Number to the university and have a current permanent U.S. street address on file with the university, you will not need to provide this information again. For most individuals, the university has the information.

Under CMS rules, individuals must provide the following information before CMS will approve their enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan such as the university-sponsored UHC Group Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)/Medicare Claim Number
  • Street Address (other than a P.O. Box)

To facilitate the collection of this information, the university will be contacting those Medicare-eligible retirees and their covered Medicare-eligible dependents who do not have MBIs/Medicare Claim Numbers and/or street addresses on file with instructions on how to provide that information.

Reviewed 2019-10-17