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How do I open my account with Optum?

The enrollment process is different for employees and retirees.

For employees: During your enrollment period, by electing to enroll in the HSA, you will authorize the university to open an HSA on your behalf. Optum Bank will mail you a welcome packet to complete the set-up process.

For retirees: Your HSA will be an individual account, so you can choose to open an HSA anywhere that offers them after you’ve enrolled in the qualified Healthy Savings Plan. However, if you’d like an HSA with Optum Bank, contact them directly to open an individual HSA or enroll online at Optum Bank. Find contact information on the plan contacts webpage. Because your HSA will be an individual account (as opposed to a university-sponsored account), you will be responsible for any fees associated with the account.

Find details on the understanding your HSA webpage.

Reviewed 2016-10-13