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How do I submit a claim to Optum for reimbursement through my HSA?

For active employees: Employees manage their HSA accounts through the medical insurance administrator, UnitedHealthcare. After you have created your online account through the myUHC website, you can submit your claims electronically. You may also use your debit MasterCard to pay for qualified medical expenses at the time of purchase or when service is provided.

For retirees: Retirees manage their HSA accounts directly with Optum Bank, or their chosen HSA administrator. If you have an HSA with Optum Bank, you may pay for qualified medical expenses through use of a debit mastercard, online bill payment or direct reimbursement. You may set up an online account or call Optum’s toll-free number, both of which are listed on the plan contacts webpage.

Read more about HSAs on the Understanding your Health Savings Account (HSA) webpage.

Reviewed 2016-10-13