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If I have sick, vacation or personal time accrued, what happens to it when I retire from the DB Plan or Hybrid Plan?

For employees who are in a position which accrues paid time pursuant to HR-402, HR-404, and HR-403 your unused accruals as of your retirement date are handled as follows:

Sick Accruals: When you retire, you will receive day-for-day service credit for accrued sick leave in your final retirement benefit calculation. There is no cap on sick leave accruals. 

Vacation Accruals: Effective 4/1/20, unused vacation time will be paid to employees as a lump sum payment on the next available pay period, after the employee’s last day worked. The official ‘retirement date’ is the day immediately following the last day worked. Service and salary for unused vacation time is creditable when calculating the retirement benefit; there are caps on vacation accrual based on your accrual rate. 

Personal Accruals: Personal days do not have an impact on your retirement calculation.  If you plan to use any accrued personal time, you must to do so prior to your last day worked.  There is no payment or credit for unused personal time at retirement.

Reviewed 2019-10-10