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myBenefit Decision Center

The myBenefit Decision Center is a tool offered within myHR, designed to help you select a health plan that best fits the needs of you and your family. If you're ready to start, click the button below and log in to myHR. Then, navigate to Main Menu >> Benefits >> myBenefit Decision Center.

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If you'd like to learn more before using myBenefit Decision Center, watch the following video and read more details below.

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When you enroll in benefits, you are making important decisions for you and your family. Just like any other purchasing decision, it’s important to be an informed consumer when selecting a medical insurance plan. To assist in your decisions, we have provided the myBenefit Decision Center, which offers these easy-to-use tools:

  • myMedical Cost Calculator helps you estimate how much each medical insurance option will cost for the coming year based on your expected use of medical services.
  • myMedical Program Comparison compares medical plan details, such as out-of-pocket costs, access to care, and benefit coverage.
  • mySavings Account Estimator incorporates results from the cost calculator to help you determine your Flexible Savings Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution and estimate the money you save on your taxes.

Once you’ve completed an estimation using these tools, you will have a greater understanding of the plans that are offered and how closely each one of them meets your individual needs. Plus, you will save time because the tools enable you to quickly sort through the details and focus on only what you are interested in.You can save or print this valuable information to make your final medical insurance plan selection.

Important note:  MyBenefit Decision Center is a cost estimating tool only. Making selections using myBenefit Decision Center does not enroll you in insurance plans offered by the University of Missouri System. You will need to return to myHR Self Service to enroll in benefits.

Reviewed June 27, 2015.