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Locating your job information

Knowing your job information is useful when looking to grow your career or maybe even explore a different field. Learn how this job information is useful by reading the Managing Your Career Using Job Code Detail (PDF, 205KB) document. Below are directions for locating your job information in myHR, as well as definitions of the various job information items.

Directions for locating your job information in myHR

Follow these instructions to locate your job information:

  1. Log in to myHR
  2. On the Home screen, click on the Additional Employee Info tile
  3. Within the 'Additional Employee Info' section, click Job Information in the left-hand menu
  4. Your information will display in table format in the center portion of the screen

Definitions of the job information

  • Job Title - The descriptive name for the total collection of tasks, duties, and responsibilities assigned to one or more individuals whose positions have the same nature of work performed at the same level. Job titles should describe the nature and level of work performed. Example: Office Support Assistant III.
  • Job Function - A smaller grouping of similar jobs within a job family to further identify the jobs that are the most similar in terms of the nature of work, but still requiring different levels of skill, effort, or responsibility. Example: 272-Office Support.
  • Job Sub-Function - All jobs can also be grouped for analysis and reporting purposes into four job sub-functions:
    1. Support Task Expert - Primarily non-exempt individual contributors
    2. Subject Matter Professional - Primarily exempt individual contributors
    3. Management - Management track, generally up to Director level
    4. Leadership - Management track, higher levels up to Executive

For a full set of definitions related to staff jobs, as presented on the Job Code Detail website, read the Staff Jobs Toolkit: Definitions list (PDF, 37KB).

Reviewed 2019-08-23


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