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I want the basics about my retirement plan

Visit the core and voluntary plans webpage for general information about the Retirement, Death, and Disability (RDD) Plan; the Employee Retirement Investment Plan (ERIP); and voluntary plan options.

Make a phone call to or schedule a one-on-one with Fidelity or TIAA to get unbiased advice from their experts.

I’m not a benefits-eligible employee, but I want the university to help me save for retirement
On the same core and voluntary plans webpage we mentioned above, there is a voluntary retirement plans section that specifies which savings options are available to non-benefit-eligible faculty and staff.
I’m ready to retire
See our retirement planning checklist to get the process started, whether you're 10 years, two years, or just a few months from your desired retirement date.
I’ve retired and am interested in being rehired
There are specific, IRS-dictated considerations when you are a retiree thinking of taking up a new job with the UM System. For details, visit our webpage named rehire requirements for retired of vested individuals who are less than age 62.
I need help with my retiree insurance plans
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Contact the HR Service Center at (573) 882-2146 or

Reviewed February 06, 2017.