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Walking challenges

There's never been a better time
to get moving.

Current walking challenges

Throughout the year, walking challenges are organized systemwide to help faculty, staff, and the greater community build better habits and walk toward wellness. Current walking challenges organized by the campuses, MU Health, and UM System will always be featured on this page.

If there are no active challenges, consider walking-related missions in Rally, available through university insurance provider UnitedHealthcare. View UHC's flyer (PDF, 663KB) for additional details.

Coordinate a walking challenge

About walking challenges

Walking challenges can be a great way to get your co-workers involved in friendly competition, physical activity, and a common goal. These challenges can be done easily in any workplace; this toolkit can help you organize a walking challenge, promote your challenge, and evaluate the success of your challenge.

What is a walking challenge?
A walking challenge is a collaborative walking goal or friendly competition that involves keeping track of steps taken per week to meet a specific challenge goal. This toolkit has resources centered on two different types of walking challenge:

  • Virtual challenge – These types of walking challenges are creative; they try to meet goals such as “Walking to Disney World,” where combined steps would travel the distance from Missouri to Florida. See the “Creating a Virtual Journey” tipsheet below for ideas to implement this type of challenge.
  • Step competition – These are the more standard form of challenge, with a specific goal like “10K a day.” See the “Workplace Step Competition” tipsheet in the resources section below for more information on this type of challenge.

Whether you choose a challenge goal like one of those above or another type of challenge goal, the most important goals are trying to walk more and getting the recommended amount of physical activity in a day. Customize your challenge to fit your office and engage your co-workers!

Who can start a walking challenge?
Any employee at the university can start a walking challenge! It is important to receive approval from the manager of your department before setting up and advertising a walking challenge. You may also check with your supervisor to see if your department is able to support incentives for people that reach their goals or win the challenge.

How does the wellness program help with walking challenges?
This toolkit, offered by the wellness program, includes materials that you might find useful to start a walking challenge in your workplace. This includes sign-up and tracking sheets, sample advertisements, and suggestions for helping participants meet their goals.

Toolkit and materials

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